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June 2019


May 2019

Colossians Week 5 (Believe and Behave) Part 2

Colossians Week 5 (Believe and Behave) Part 1

Colossians Week 4 (Great Jesus Mature Church)

Colossians Week 3 (Jesus is The Greater Head of The Church)

April 2019

Colossians Week 2 (Jesus is greater than creation)

Who’s Your One? Week 4 (Heaven or Hell)

March 2019

Who’s Your One Week 3 (The Importance of One)

Who’s Your One Week 2 (Desperate)

Who’s Your One? Week 1 (Who He Calls)

Peter’s Three Key To Victory (Part 2)

Peter’s Three Keys To Victory (Part 1)

Daring Faith Week 9 (Daring to Go in Faith)

February 2019

Daring Faith Week 8 (Daring to be Generous

Daring Faith Week 7 (Daring to wait on God)

Daring Faith Week 6 (Daring to Plant in Faith)

Daring Faith Week 5 (Daring To Commit)

January 2019

Daring Faith Week 4 (Daring To Imagine)

Daring Faith Week 3 (Daring to give God my Best)

Daring Faith Week 2 (How to get ready for a miracle)

December 2018

Daring Faith Week 1 (What happens When We Have Faith)

Just Jesus Unexpected Worship

Just Jesus Expecting a Miracle

Just Jesus Why Bethlehem

Just Jesus His Presence and Power

November 2018

Just Jesus No Coincidences

Shape Week Four



October 2018

Shape Week Three

Shape Week Two

Shape Week One