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March 2018

Knowledge and Power

February 2018

We Get It All

We Loved Correctly

What If ? All in!

Giving part 2 What’s Your Motivation?

January 2018

Giving To Please, Not As We Please

God’s Word 2

God’s Word

We Prayed Correctly Part 2

December 2017

We Prayed Correctly

A Journey To Peace

A Journey To Joy

A Journey To Love

A Journey To Hope

November 2017

Be Thankful

How High Will You Go?

October 2017

Water From The Rock

Our Daily Bread

Follow, Faith and Praise

September 2017

Slow To Anger


God’s Wills

Let My People Go

August 2017

No Excuses

By His Grace

From Blessed to Oppressed

July 2017

Rescuing Others

From Fear to Faith

Love Came Down Week 26

Love Came Down Week 25

Love Came Down Week 24