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July 2018

A Heart For The Lost

The Church We Want To Be



Upside Down

The Cure for Pride

10 Questions



June 2018

Hearing God’s Voice



Game On!



In Jesus Name

In Jesus


Super Natural Provision



May 2018

The Perfect Soldier

The Perfect Family Part 2

The Perfect Family Part 1

The Light

The Wardrobe Change

April 2018

The Perfect Gifts

The Perfect Walk

Perfect Prayer


The Resurrection of Jesus

March 2018

Trust and Obey

Rescued and Restored

Without Him

Knowledge and Power

February 2018

We Get It All

We Loved Correctly

What If ? All in!

Giving part 2 What’s Your Motivation?

January 2018

Giving To Please, Not As We Please

God’s Word 2

God’s Word