September 2020

Another In The Fire

James Week 12 How To Experience Powerful Prayer

James Week 11 Patience Is A Virtue

James Week 10 The Open Hand

August 2020

James Week 9 Self Sufficient?

James Week 8 Perfect Peace

James Week 7 Real Wisdom

James Week 6 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

James Week 6 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Part 1

James Week 5 Real Faith

July 2020

James Week 4 No Favoritism

James Week 3 The Gift That Keeps On Giving

James Week 2 Overcoming Temptation

James Week 1 Blessing Through Maturity

June 2020

Erased week 4 , The Assurance We Get

Prayers For Your Husband

Erased Week 3 The Gifts He Gives

Erased Week 2 What He Does

May 2020

Erased Week 1 Who He is

Rescued Recovered Restored

More Than Conquerors

God is in control

April 2020


Evidence of The Resurrection

Victory, Through His Blood

Victory expect the unexpected

March 2020

Keeping yourself out of the way

Tearing Down The Walls

Compassion Sunday

How to Glorify God